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Request-a-Rama: Vote on What We Run

Request-a-Rama: Vote on What We Run

BEC-TV has THOUSANDS of classic programs from our schools dating back to the early 80’s (even a handful from the 70’s!).

Every summer we like to bust open the archives and roll some of these gems, and YOU get to help us decide what to run.

Request-a-Rama is BACK! Team with your friends to help BEC-TV choose which classic programming to play from our archives.

How to Nominate a Show and to Vote

Nominations and Voting all happens on the BEC-TV Facebook page.  Each week we’ll invite nominees. Use a “Comment” under that week’s posting to NOMINATE a show.  Use “Like” to VOTE for shows. Be sure to share the link with all your friends (Team Members, Choir Buddies, etc.) so you can get a poop-load of votes. (Make sure all comments/likes happen on the original post on our Page, or we won’t see them.)

The polls will each be open for only a couple days. The post will tell you when it closes, and when the winning shows will premiere.

Yours didn’t make it? Get even more support/coordination from your friends and the Old Gang and try again on the next poll!

How to Watch

We’ll be running several new shows each week. They’ll premiere both on Cable and on Facebook on the date we indicate.

We’ll even set up a Facebook “Premiere” so you and your gang can enjoy it – and chat between other viewers – at the same time. 

What shows can I nominate?

If a show EVER ran on BEC-TV in the past 40+ years, there’s a fighting chance that we’ve still got it in our archives. You can either give a broad category (“Kennedy Boys Hockey from 1988-89 season” or “Something from the Class of 2002”) or be very specific (Kennedy vs Jefferson Boys Hockey, Feb, 1994).

We’ll do our best to monitor what’s being submitted for online votes.

If we notice something we do NOT have, we’ll pull that out of the running and let the original poster know – and maybe even offer suggestions of something that you may like instead.

Head over to our On Demand site to search what shows we have. Anything that shows up should be in our archives, even if it has a placeholder thumbnail. Unless it has “not shot” in the title.

For starters, we’re keeping the “Request-a-Rama” nominations wide open. Depending on results, we may later create specific polls for different flavor shows. (EG one just for Hockey, another for Band, another for Special Events…)

Don’t forget that along with all our extensive High School Coverage, we’ve got tons of elementary shows (When you were SOOO cute!) and middle school shows (Back when you were SOOO awkward!) as well. 

Live Chat

We’ll try to man our Facebook Messages so you can ask about what old programming we have. Or pop us an email and we can connect that way.

A Work in Progress 

Hey, this is a new thing for all of us. We welcome your ideas on how to make it work better!

Buying Copies

Want a copy of a winning show? Or the show you wanna see, but didn’t make it? You can order a DVD of any of the shows we have in our archives. Check out Purchasing DVDs for more information.

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