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Bloomington Access Channels of Smart TVs

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How to install Screenweave on your Apple TV

1) Open up the tvOS App Store on your favorite Apple TV.
2) Search for “Cablecast Screenweave” (voice search really helps out here).
3) Click install
4) Return to the home screen and open up the new Cablecast Screenweave app.
5) In the “Select Channel” menu, scroll down to find “Bloomington Minnesota TV” (this list is NOT in alphabetical order, so you will need to keep an eye out).
6) Then from the “Videos” menu select the BEC-TV Live Stream.
7) Then press the Watch Live button.
8) Enjoy!

How to install Screenweave on your Roku

1) Power on your Roku, and from the Main Menu select “Streaming Channels”
2) Scroll down to “Search Channels”
3) Search for “Cablecast Screenweave” and select it from the list.
4) Click “Add Channel”
5) Click “Go to Channel” or return to Home and open the “Cablecast Screenweave” channel
6) From the Channels list, scroll to the right until you find “Bloomington Minnesota TV” (this is NOT in alphabetical order, so you will need to keep an eye out)
7) Under the Live Streams heading choose BEC-TV
8) Then press “Play”
9) Enjoy!