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March 2 Community Engagement Event: Secondary Model Shift

March 2 Community Engagement Event: Secondary Model Shift

Bloomington Public Schools will host another live virtual community engagement event on Tuesday, March 2, 7-8:30pm.
This event will present plans for secondary students to return to a traditional learning model.

Watch Live

BEC-TV will stream the event in 3 languages; English, Spanish, and Somali. All languages can be viewed on cable, and streamed on our website, Apple TV, and Roku. See Where to Watch for more information.

Submit questions to the schools here

English stream (BEC-TV).
Spanish Stream (BCAT).
Somali Stream (BTV 2).

Viewing After the Event

Within 24 hours of the event conclusion, the event will be available to watch On Demand. Once there is a play button on the thumbnail, it is ready to view for free.
For 48 hours after the event, all 3 languages will be replaying on our channel. You can watch these on the stream, cable, and Apple/Roku TV.

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